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Office Plants and Containers

Tropicana Plants are dedicated to providing living plant displays and containers for offices and businesses throughout the UK.

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Having a living plant display can transform any space into something welcoming, professional and stylish. Whether it is a reception display or a complete interior landscaping design and maintenance project, Tropicana Plants and Tropicana Art have the perfect, cost-effective solutions.

Leading the way in Horticulture for Professional Spaces

With a combined total of over sixty years in the industry, Tropicana Plants offer the highest calibre of products and service.
Our horticultural experience means we can get creative and find the perfect plants to suit your space and requirements. Our maintenance programs and self-watering systems mean that we are able to offer superb value for money. Find out how we use office plants  to make your business stand out.




Bringing the outdoors in

Everybody appreciates plant displays, and they have been proven to lower stress levels and aid well-being. However, they also have plenty of practical attributes that make them perfect for public spaces and the workplace:

  • The attractive yet professional atmosphere, created by a Tropicana Plants display, always gives the right impression.
  • Well thought-out plant displays make for a healthy and productive environment for your workforce and clients alike.
  • Plants breathe out Oxygen and absorb Carbon Dioxide, making them environmentally friendly and helpful. In larger projects they can count towards your BREEAM (sustainability) rating.
  • Office plants are a practical and pleasing way to define spaces, such as seating, eating and meeting areas.

Tropicana Plants and Tropicana Art are proud to already make a difference to the working environment for:

  • Department stores
  • Leisure Centres
  • Car Show Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Facilities
  • Accountants
  • Banks
  • Insurance brokers
  • Hair dressing salons
  • TV Studios